Legal academy

This line of research focuses on the study of the recent process of professionalization of legal academia in Chile, addressing the relationships between the professional and academic fields of law, and the consequences of this process.

The research project on the Chilean legal academy seeks to understand the causes and consequences of the recent process of professionalization of the Chilean legal academia. The researchers of this project are Diego Gil, Samuel Tschorne y Javier Wilenmann.

The project seeks to answer three research questions based on a qualitative research design:

  • How was it possible for the legal academy to achieve greater autonomy from a profession that has historically been kept under tight control?
  • How has the legal academy been institutionalized since this change?
  • And finally, how do its main stakeholders, the new legal scholars, live and experience this process?

In the research on the Chilean legal academy, CIDS members have compiled unpublished quantitative information on the composition of law faculties, their publications, and their research projects. This information can be consulted in a personalized way in a graphing application found in the following links in Heroku or in Shinyapps .   

The project incorporates the realization and analysis of 18 interviews with academics in different age ranges and stages of their academic career, of different sex and in an equivalent proportion between public, traditional private and private universities, as well as other interviews with people who have had a relevant historical role in the evolution of law schools in Chile.