May 2021

CIDS Inauguration Seminar. How do citizens relate to the law and to the institutions of the State?

  • place Location: Por Zoom

Adolfo Ibáñez University (UAI) invites the public to the inaugural conference of the recently constituted Center for the Study of Law and Society (CIDS). At the conference, the CIDS will present to the community its main lines of research. In this opening conference, the keynote speakers will explore the question about the relationships of citizens with the law in different areas of the territory. Professors Insa Koch from the London School of Economics will start, followed by Lisa Hilbink from the University of Minnesota. Both will present the results of their research on the relationships of people in marginal or middle sectors of society with formal institutions in the United Kingdom and Chile, respectively.

Part of the conference will take place in English.

Keynote speakers:

Insa Lee Koch

Associate Professor of Law and Anthropology

London School of Economics and Political Sciences

Title of her presentation: Personalizing the state: an anthropology of law, politics and welfare in a marginal community in England.

Lisa Hilbink

Political Science Professor

University of Minnesota

Title of her presentation: Improving access to justice through legal empowerment in a low-income commune in Santiago.


Javier Wilenmann

Director of CIDS

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law

Adolfo Ibáñez University